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October 22, 2014
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TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — “Lake Huntington looks like pea soup. In my lifetime, I can’t recall a six-week algae bloom like this one. Most last only a few days, at most. The Department of Environmental Control (DEC) has taken water samples and we’re awaiting test results.” With those remarks at the October 8 Cochecton Town Board meeting, Supervisor Gary Maas introduced a topic familiar but unpleasant to all who live, work or play near the lake. Asked if the DEC might impose a ban on recreational activities for the duration of the bloom, Maas said, “We’ll just have to wait and see what the DEC says.”

Shohola explores new directions toward business

SHOHOLA, PA — Much of the Shohola supervisors meeting of March 13 was devoted to topics related to potential growth in the Shohola business districts. Of particular interest is the portion of Route 6 that runs through Shohola Township and is designated as commercial. This is, in fact, one of the very few areas of Shohola that does permit commercial businesses, since such a large area of the township is devoted to state game lands. The supervisors are working towards bringing businesses and jobs to this area in a variety of ways.  Read more

A year in the sun Solar powers a school

GLEN SPEY, NY — One option becoming popular for organizations that wish to move into solar power is for the organization to lease part of its land to an investment company, which will then install the solar panels and sell reduced-cost electricity to the organization.  Read more

Liberty board hears heroin concerns

LIBERTY, NY — At its regularly scheduled board meeting on March 17, the Liberty town board heard from Terry Bauer regarding the increase in heroin use and the lack of crisis intervention in the county.  Read more

Horsemen appeal to legislature; No race track at the casino?

MONTICELLO, NY — Horsemen and their supporters filled the room at the meeting of the Sullivan County Legislature on March 20 to sound off about their ongoing dispute with management of Monticello Raceway. At issue is the amount of casino revenue, if any, the horsemen will receive if Empire Resorts, which owns the raceway, and its partners receive a license to open a casino at the site of the former Concord Hotel.  Read more

Swendsen rescinds resignation

NARROWSBURG, NY — Tusten Highway Department Superintendent Glenn Swendsen sent a letter of resignation on March 10. Recently, he has revoked that resignation. The reason he resigned was because of a conflict between him and Tusten councilmember Ned Lang because Lang could not get up his road on an icy night. Afterward, there was an exchange of emails between the two, which Swendsen said contained lies about him. At a recessed town board meeting, the two continued to argue and Swendsen said the board did not stick up for him. He said he resigned because, “I was mad at the town board.  Read more

Results of village elections

Mayor (2-year term)
Mark Berentsen, BS 25
Frank Geraldi Jr., RH 81
Trustee (2-year term)
Charles Griswold, BS 25
James Johnson, RH 80
Trustee (1-year term)
Harold Baird, BS 24
Katherine Roemer, RH 80
Justice (4-year term)
James Cracolici, RH Not Available  Read more

Pitching Adelaar to the public; The favorite in the race for a casino license

BETHEL, NY — David Brain, the president and CEO of EPR Properties, unveiled the name of the proposed casino resort at the site of the former Concord Hotel. The name is Adelaar, which is a Dutch word for Eagle.  Read more

Does the Byway economy serve all its visitors?

GLEN SPEY, NY — That’s the question that a study for the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway funded by Lumberland through an Upper Delaware Council grant asks.  Read more

‘Teenie’ Myers retires from Highland post

ELDRED, NY — It would have been appropriate for the town to recognize any employee retiring after 26 years of service, which the Town of Highland did on March 11 as Christene “Teenie” Myers left her post as clerk for the town tax collector.  Read more

Damascus Township Friday closures

DAMASCUS, PA — To offset unusually high winter road maintenance costs, Damascus Township offices will be closed all Fridays and federal holidays until further notice, effective March 21. The decision was announced by Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey Dexter at the board’s March 17 meeting. Seeking to reassure Damascus residents that essential services will not be curtailed on closure days, he explained that calls to office staff phone numbers will be automatically forwarded to staff home and cell phones.  Read more

Bill would end tip minimum wage

HARRISBURG, PA — A bill that will be introduced by Senators Daylin Leach and Mike Stack would end the allowance of a sub-minimum wage for employees who receive tips and raise the overall minimum wage to $12 an hour.  Read more

Gibson to speak at UDC awards

ELDRED, NY — Congressman Chris Gibson will serve as keynote speaker at the Upper Delaware Council’s 26th Annual Awards Ceremony on April 27 at Henning’s Local.  Read more

Two arrested for Oxycodone in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, NY — The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office has charged two men who used fraudulent prescriptions to illegally obtain hundreds of Oxycodone pills over the past several months. Richard Hand, 25, of Hurleyville and Arnold Palmer, 34, of Jamaica, NY were arrested on March 13, at the Rock Hill Pharmacy in the Town of Thompson.  Read more

Cochecton endorses two Sullivan casinos

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — At its March 13 meeting, the Cochecton Town Board passed a resolution urging that two of the four casinos under development in upstate New York be located within Sullivan County. Supervisor Gary Maas, Deputy Supervisor Ed Grund, and Councilperson Sean Nearing voted in favor of the resolution. Councilperson Larry Richardson voted against it, saying that his position of last year is unchanged. His position, that some negative consequences are an inherent and therefore unavoidable aspect of gambling, prompted his evaluation of the current proposal.  Read more

Noise permits, fireworks & closed roads Mysteryland is coming to town

WHITE LAKE, NY — A project manager for Mysteryland turned out to the Bethel town meeting on March 12, and asked the board for permission to close portions of two roads over Memorial Day weekend, when the Mysteryland event unfolds on the grounds of the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.  Read more

Sullivan tops in Oxycodone prescriptions

MONTICELLO, NY — Sullivan County has the higher percentage of people with prescriptions for Oxycodone than any other county in the state. That was a revelation disclosed by District Attorney Jim Farrell at a meeting of the county public safety committee on March 13.  Read more

Bloomingburg challenged voters undecided

BLOOMINGBURG, NY — More than 200 newly registered voters in the Village of Bloomingburg have been formally challenged, and on March 13, dozens of FBI agents moved into the village to serve search warrants on buildings owned by developer Shalom Lamm. Village residents believe the investigation is related to allegations that many of the new voters have listed their addresses as buildings that Lamm owns, but they don’t really live there.  Read more

Monticello parolee arrested

MONTICELLO, NY — Monticello Police arrested David Lee Ward (50) of Monticello on March 14. Ward was charged with felonies for criminal possession of stolen property, forgery, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana.  Read more

River panel debates PA water rule

NARROWSBURG, NY — Issues related to natural gas drilling so deeply divided the Upper Delaware Council last week that at one point they gave up trying to comment on proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s proposed 25 PA Code Chapter 78 regulations.  Read more

Salt used up; auto show coming

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — At Callicoon’s regular town board meeting in February, Town of Callicoon Supervisor Tom Bose commended the highway superintendent and his team for handling the roads this winter. With frequent snows and plowing, the town’s annual salt supply is stretched. The team is making every effort to keep the roads appropriately salted while conserving salt.  Read more