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October 22, 2016
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TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

REGION — As the chlorophyll in green leaves breaks down letting reds, yellows and oranges shine through, the autumn show begins.

This information from Environmental Learning Resources from SUNY: “As the fall colors appear, other changes are taking place. At the point where the stem of the leaf is attached to the tree, a special layer of cells develops and gradually severs the tissues that support the leaf. At the same time, the tree seals the cut, so that when the leaf is finally blown off by the wind or falls from its own weight, it leaves behind a leaf scar.

Day of recording, addiction impact

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — Friends of Recovery Sullivan and the Kingfisher Project at WJFF public radio are co-hosting a “Day of Recording” on Saturday, October 15 at WJFF’s Jeffersonville studios.  Read more

Pennsylvania State Police investigate identity theft

NEWFOUNDLAND, PA — Pennsylvania State Police are investigating an identity theft that occurred over the phone to a victim on Beaver Run Road. Police say a man who identified himself as Mark Williams called the victim and said he was from a computer security company. He instructed the victim to download a program that gave him control over her computer.  Read more

Cochecton woes

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — A series of unfortunate events came to light between recess of the September 14 Cochecton Town Board meeting and its reconvening on September 28. Burglary, a leaky roof, an urgent sewer plant add-on, a dangerous hairpin curve and demolition of an unsafe building were added to an agenda originally intended mainly for 2017 budget preparation.  Read more

Balloons over Jeffersonville

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — According to the website www.eballoon.org the first hot air balloon ride took place in France in 1783, but there were no humans on board. The first passengers to soar aloft below a huge hot bag of air were a sheep, a duck and a rooster, and the flight lasted for 25 minutes.

According to the website “The first manned attempt came about two months later on 21st November, with a balloon made by two French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier. The balloon was launched from the centre of Paris and flew for a period of 20 minutes. The birth of hot air ballooning.”  Read more

WMH Bridge Repairs

Wayne Memorial Hospital is advising its employees and the public that the pedestrian bridge across the Lackawaxen River will be removed on Friday, October 7th, for extensive repairs. The bridge is expected to be out for three to four weeks, according to the hospital’s Facility Service Director, John Conte.  Read more

Bungalow colony voters stricken from rolls; BOE received 132 absentee ballots

A group of voters who registered in 2015 to vote in the Town of Thompson and who gave addresses of bungalow colonies as their Sullivan County homes have been deemed not eligible to vote in the county by Judge Michael McGuire. There were 132 such voters in total, and McGuire’s decision, which was handed down in August of this year, applies to 126 of those registrant voters.  Read more

DV career-tech progresses

WESTFALL PA — The buzz of construction continues in and around the Delaware Valley School District’s Westfall campus. A new high school gymnasium is finished, the old elementary school has been demolished to make way for new parking, and the new Delaware Valley (DV) Elementary School in nearby Matamoras is open under a temporary certificate of occupancy. Now the next step is underway.  Read more

Lumberland budget presented

GLEN SPEY, NY — A cable television franchise bookkeeping error is now expected to all but eliminate any increase in the town portion of residents’ January tax bills, Lumberland Supervisor Jenny Mellan said as she released the town’s tentative 2017 budget on September 14.

Mellan said an audit of Time-Warner Cable (TWC) franchise payments had revealed that the town had received monthly franchise payments of 3% over a six-year period, when the agreement called for 5%. She said the missing 2% amounted to $43,748.  Read more

Changing of the guard; Veterans’ department bids farewell to McDonnnell

HONESDALE, PA — Tom McDonnell, Wayne County’s director of veterans’ affairs for the past 11 years, said good-bye and introduced his successor at the commissioners’ September 22 meeting.

It was an emotional parting. The popular, retired 20-year Marine Corps gunnery sergeant was accompanied by his family.

Commissioners Chair Brian Smith’s voice broke several times as he read McDonnell’s five-paragraphs of a certificate of recognition, which expressed the commissioners’ “sincere gratitude… in recognition of his leadership and dedication to county government and his community.”  Read more

100th anniversary for Shohola school

Shohola Township Supervisor Keith Raser, holding the resolution, is pictured with Pike County commissioners Matt Osterberg, left, Steve Guccini and Rich Caridi. The commissioners approved a resolution of congratulations on September 21, honoring the 100th anniversary of the opening of the former Shohola school. Later renamed the Smith-Nelson School in honor of two of its teachers, the building has served as the township building since the opening of the new Shohola Elementary School in Twin Lakes. The township celebrated the anniversary with festivities on September 24.

Advocating solar for Pike County

MILFORD, PA — Solar energy advocates are trying to make inroads in a region best known for its forested hills, shaded roads and greenery-secluded home sites. But Pike residents, who have also repeatedly voiced complaints about energy prices, have also heard a good deal about sustainable energy, greenhouse gases and global warming.  Read more

Pond Eddy Bridge moving forward

POND EDDY, NY — Construction work resumed on September 20 at the new Pond Eddy Bridge, after work was halted almost a week earlier when the construction crew—Latona Trucking and Excavation sub-contractors, working for the main contractors D.A. Collins Construction—hit a continuous stretch of what looked like some kind of a wall. Allison Brewer, who was subcontracted as an archeological monitor at the site by D.A. Collins, said she was there in case something of possibly historical value was discovered during the excavation process.  Read more

Berlin township joins the World Wide Web

BEACH LAKE, PA — Less than 18 months after they publicly requested it, Berlin citizens have an official township website (www.berlintownship.org). Supervisor Cathy Hunt confirmed at the September 20 Berlin Board of Supervisors meeting that the site has been operational since it went live in August. “It’s up and running, but right now it’s pretty basic,” said Hunt.  Read more

Residents have questions about solar project; Impact on the viewshed is concern

HORTONVILLE, NY — Richard Winter, CEO of Delaware River Solar and a resident of the Town of Delaware, had planned to present a commercial solar project on Baer Road to the town planning board on September 21. But because of the amount of opposition expressed by neighbors, he decided instead to present a plan for a solar project on Hospital Road. He said the project on Hospital Road was less controversial, but it still sparked numerous questions from members of the community.  Read more

Judge LaBuda accused of running over brother with ATV

TOWN OF WALLKILL, NY — Peter LaBuda and Judge Frank LaBuda are brothers, but the relationship is clearly strained. Peter, who was being treated in Orange Regional Medical Center on September 27, has said in a published report Frank intentionally ran him over with an ATV on September 25, a Sunday afternoon.  Read more

Helipad ribbon cutting at WMH

HONESDALE, PA — “This is an exciting time for Wayne Memorial, and we want everyone to help us celebrate,” said David Hoff, CEO of Wayne Memorial Hospital/Health System (WMH). On Sunday, October 16, from 1 to 3 p.m. the public is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the helipad site, 1839 Fair Ave. (next to Highland Physicians Family Health Center).  Read more

NY organic farms advocate Alliance for Science eviction

ROCHESTER, NY — Some 67 organic farmers in New York State have sent a letter to the Dean of Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and to the Trustees of the University requesting that the university evict the Alliance for Science from the campus.  Read more

Grover M. Hermann Hospital Auxiliary celebrates 45 years

CALLICOON, NY — Catskill Regional Medical Center’s (CRMC) Grover M. Hermann Hospital Auxiliary will be celebrating its 45th anniversary on September 30 on the Grover M. Hermann Hospital campus. Over the last 45 years, the auxiliary has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help bring quality healthcare to Sullivan County through the Grover M. Hermann Hospital. Most recently, it raised $16,000 to equip the hospital emergency room with new ultrasound technology.  Read more

Watch this: Drone video of Hawk's Nest

This video shot by Brandon Amato of Beach Lake, PA, is a creative depiction of the New York State Route 97 Hawk’s Nest using drone camera footage.

Pike foster mom charged with abuse; Girl locked out of house

MILFORD, PA — A foster mother has been charged with multiple counts after she allegedly hit, bit and otherwise abused her 15-year-old daughter.  Read more