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May 25, 2016
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WHITE LAKE, NY — During public comment at the Bethel town meeting on May 12, attorney Kirk Orseck made a brief presentation concerning the well-known used car dealership on Route 17B in Mongaup Valley, Seven X Motors. Orseck said that he represented a group called Gale Road Residents Association, and detailed a number of complaints he said were violations of town code and state law. Orseck said representatives of an engineering firm had accompanied him to the meeting.

Deerpark board declares opposition to gun law; Is the right to buy an assault weapon absolute?

HUGUENOT, NY — Council member David Dean read the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Read more

Felon sentenced in Monticello for possession of stolen loaded gun

Andre Davis, 28, of Monticello, was sentenced on January 28 in Sullivan County Court to 12 years in state prison and five years post-release supervision for his conviction for the possession of a stolen and loaded handgun.  Read more

Wayne County funds ag land project

The Wayne County commissioners allocated $86,958 for the Agriculture Land Preservation program in 2013. The purpose of the program is to keep land for agriculture use, not allowing it to be used for development.  Read more

Sullivan manager negotiations

The Sullivan County Legislature is quietly negotiating a departure agreement with county manager David Fanslau. Five of the nine legislators have been calling for a change of managers since last summer. Because of a change to the county charter in 2007, it takes a supermajority of legislators to either appoint or dismiss the county manager, even if the manager’s contract is not renewed, which is the case with Fanslau. The five legislators have begun the process to change the county charter back to the way it was before 2007, in which the manager could be changed by a simple majority.

Grants for Wayne responders

HARRISBURG, PA — Volunteer fire and emergency response organizations in Wayne County have been awarded more than $267,000 in grants from the state, Representatives Mike Peifer and Sandra Major announced on January 28.  Read more

Fire guts historic building

The building at 144 Sawkill Avenue in Milford was made famous as the place where Frank McCourt wrote his Pulitzer-Prize winning book “Angela’s Ashes.” Because of other historic factors, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Read more

Roy Howard dies; Owner of Yasgur’s Farm

PHOENIX, AZ — Roy Howard, who, with his wife Jeryl Abramson, waged a long-running legal battle with officials from the Town of Bethel, has died, according to numerous sources. Howard’s Facebook page, titled The Woodstock Guru, had several posts lamenting his passing.  Read more

Cold enough for good ice

Unlike last year, the weather has been cold enough to form ice on most bodies of water in the region, including the Big Eddy in the Upper Delaware River, where a trio of ice fisherman traveled onto the ice on January 28.  Read more

Canine howling may leave project in doghouse

Decibel levels of barking and howling Alaskan Huskies and the high-pitched noise of snowmobiles were some of the concerns brought up by the half a dozen neighbors who spoke against a proposed commercial dog sledding and snowmobiling business at a public hearing on January 22, while the potential of boosting employment and helping the economy were two points brought up by the potential proprietor of said business.  Read more

Cellini to introduce resolution that opposes gun control legislation

Town of Thompson supervisor Anthony Cellini says his town board will vote on a resolution that opposes the recently passed gun control legislation in New York. He will present the resolution at the Town Board meeting on February 5 at 7:30 p.m. Printed below is the resolution:  Read more

Congressman Gibson announces Liberty District Office Open House on January 30

Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) announced today that he will be holding an Open House at the Liberty District Office in Sullivan County on Wednesday, January 30 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served and Congressman Gibson and district office staff will be in attendance.  Read more

Honesdale man convicted on multiple charges of assault

A Wayne County Jury convicted James Mihalis, age 54 of Honesdale, PA of Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, a Felony of the 2nd Degree, Simple Assault, a Misdemeanor of the 2nd Degree and Recklessly Endangering Another Person, also a Misdemeanor of the 2nd Degree.  Read more

Deerpark board declares opposition to gun law; is the right to buy an assault weapon absolute?

Council member David Dean read the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Read more

Poll finds new gun law supported; Law brings changes to pistol permits

ALBANY, NY — The gun control measures passed by the New York State Legislature and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 15 are supported by a majority of state residents, according to a poll by Siena College.

In the January 16 poll, banning assault weapons and magazine clips of more than seven bullets was supported by a margin of 73% to 26%. Support for an increase in penalties for purchasing illegal guns or using guns on school grounds was even higher, at 91% to 8%.  Read more

Move to rescind CVS agreement fails

In a bid to reverse the agreement with CVS over the traffic patterns at the intersection of Main and Fourth Streets, council member Bob Jennings moved to reject the agreement.

That agreement was dated December 19 and was signed by council president F.J. Monaghan and Michael W. Buckless, vice president of Pennsylvania CVS Pharmacy.

The agreement said that “within 14 days” CVS must submit to the borough revised traffic plans for the intersection. As of January 11, 23 days had passed since the agreement was signed.  Read more

E-recycling expanded in Wayne; Microwave ovens not included

DUNMORE, PA — Waste Management Company locations in Northeast Pennsylvania are expanding the list of e-recycling items in Wayne, Lackawanna and Northampton counties.

In Wayne County, the company is already recycling televisions and computer equipment, which its sites began accepting a year ago. Now, the company will accept most other consumer electronics, including VCRs, audio equipment, telephones, cell phones and most other devices that plug in or are powered by batteries.  Read more

PPL plans new substations; Infrastructure planned for improved electrical service

NORTHEAST, PA — PPL Electric Utilities has made application to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to build three new electrical substations and a new 230-kilovolt powerline.

The project is called the Northeast-Pocono Reliability Project. The plan is to improve electric service for approximately 250,000 people in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Pocono region. The project will reach from Wilkes-Barre to Lake Wallenpaupack.  Read more

Gas drilling friction in Town of Callicoon; Comprehensive plan resolutions tabled

Two resolutions related to the process of updating the comprehensive plan posted on the town’s website, which prompted a large turnout to the Town of Callicoon meeting on January 14, were tabled.

The town supervisor, Tom Bose, said that the resolutions were tabled because they needed changes, but that did not reduce the frustration of many of the 50 or so people in attendance, because the resolutions indicate that the board intends to move forward with adopting a comprehensive plan that effectively invites gas drilling in the town.  Read more

$26,300 per acre for town barn lot

There’s no question that the Town of Delaware town barn, in order to prevent its contents from flowing downstream, needs to move. It now sits on a parcel of land on Route 17B in the Village of Hortonville where the Joe Brook and the Callicoon Creek meet up on their route to the Delaware River. They are peaceful streams, until they flood.  Read more

Sullivan farmers and newsprint; One person’s waste may be an animal’s bedding

With Sullivan County Legisl ators keeping a careful eye these days, Ed McAndrew thought that they should consider a county policy of since the late 1990s of allowing farmers to walk away with newsprint to be used for bedding for cattle or cows.

McAndrew, deputy commissioner of the Division of Public Works, said he did not have an exact figure about how much newsprint the farmers were taking, but he estimated “it’s in the neighborhood of 200 tons per year, and you’re looking at about $20,000 a year of newsprint that isn’t being marketed.”  Read more