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Port Jervis, pharmacy and ambulance discussed

July 23, 2014

PORT JERVIS, NY — The new Rite Aid store in Port Jervis opened its doors on July 21, bringing with it some new traffic issues for the town.

At a common council meeting on July 14, Mayor Kelly Decker said, “I was expecting to get an email from the engineer, with a checklist. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I haven’t heard anything negative either. Please watch the flashing light that is at Hammond and Pike. It is a temporary light; they had to order all this equipment for the traffic light that will be installed. Please watch the sign when you come down Pike Street; you will not be able to make a left-hand turn on Hammond Street toward City Hall.”

Rite Aid had to close two years ago after a roof collapse at the previous site across the mall at 100 Pike St.

Decker continued, “Speaking of the mall, the plaza will begin construction very shortly. All the plans are sent to the city this week.”

Another issue that came up at the town meeting was the need to clean up a piece of property on Orange Street. The town had to clean it up after the owners, the Port Jervis Ambulance Corps, had been given several notices to do so, but had not acted on them.

“They’ve been given numerous opportunities to clean it up, but it’s just so far gone, we had to go and do it,” Decker said. “The neighborhood was very up in arms about it, so I gave the authorization, and there’s a big bill attached to it—a couple of thousand dollars. We gave them plenty of time. Everybody is responsible for their property, no matter what.”

Another business development discussed at the meeting was a new laundromat. Decker said, “It is a 4,000-square-foot building they want to build at the corner of Hamilton and Kingston Avenue, and there’s been some grumbles of some residents who are not happy with that being built. I think there are different things. There are some water issues as far as sewer water goes there, which laundromats need; there are some lighting issues; and some people complain about longer hours, since this is in a mixed residential business area.”

Upgrades to the water treatment plant are being planned. Decker said, “It’s a clarifier. It gets rid of any smells in the water. It’s a water filtration plant, up by the Reservoir Avenue.”