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Results of village elections

March 19, 2014

Mayor (2-year term)
Mark Berentsen, BS 25
Frank Geraldi Jr., RH 81
Trustee (2-year term)
Charles Griswold, BS 25
James Johnson, RH 80
Trustee (1-year term)
Harold Baird, BS 24
Katherine Roemer, RH 80
Justice (4-year term)
James Cracolici, RH Not Available

(Totals do not include more than
120 votes that have been challenged.)

Trustee (2 seats, 4-year term)
Oswald Allen, GM 152
Rochelle Massey, GM 162
Douglas Solomon, D,R,C,I 610
Jill Kenny Weyer, D,R,C,I 651
Justice (4-year term)
Josephine Finn, D,R,C,I 644

Trustee (2 seats, 2-year term)
Robert Mir D,CP 241
Thomas Sprague, R,C 120
Joan Stoddard D, CP 240
Richard Winters, R,C 112

Trustee (2-year term)
Lyman Holmes, WUF 49

Trustee (1-year term)
Frank Sisco, WUF 42

All results are unofficial totals.