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Jenkins found guilty of misdemeanor

By Fritz Mayer
February 12, 2014

MONTICELLO, NY — On February 5, a jury convicted Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins of obstructing governmental administration, a misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct, a violation.

The related incident occurred in July 2012, when a 300-pound man entered Jenkins’s store on Broadway, and according to testimony, threw a couple of items at Jenkins and, according to Jenkins, threatened to sue him.

Jenkins called police and got the man, Darryl Fowler, out of the shop. But because they did not handcuff Fowler, Jenkins went out of the shop to ask police to arrest him. At that time, Fowler struck Jenkins, and in the commotion, Jenkins accidentally hit a police officer.

Jenkin’s attorney Michael Sussman sent a lengthy press release to media outlets explaining his view of the case. He said in order for the misdemeanor violation to be found, the judge must also find that it was Jenkin’s intent to obstruct the police.

Sussman wrote, “There was simply no evidence that Mayor Jenkins intended to obstruct governmental administration. Instead, the only evidence of intent plainly demonstrated that, after two individuals, Faye Brown and then Darryl Fowler, had entered his retail store and threatened him and his partner, Rochelle Massey, the Mayor sought to (a) get them out of the store, (b) have them arrested for trespass and harassment and (c) insure they did not re-enter the store.”

Sussman further said that Jenkins also did not engage in behavior that was shown to cause public disturbance.

Sussman said he would ask the judge to dismiss the jury’s verdict. Jenkins may not appeal the verdict until the Village of Liberty judge upholds the verdict and sentences the Mayor. Sussman’s entire release can be read on the website of The River Reporter (