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Liberty ambulance moves to new building

By Carol Montana
December 4, 2013

As Town of Liberty residents became aware that Mobilemedic EMS had moved out of the old volunteer ambulance building, Supervisor Charlie Barbuti began getting phone calls.

Town residents were concerned about the EMS response time if the service was no longer located nearby.

At the regular Town of Liberty department head meeting on December 2, the CEO of Mobilemedic, Albee Bockman, was on hand to tell the board that nothing has changed.

“Saturday was our last day at the old Town of Liberty Volunteer Ambulance Building,” Bockman said. “This was a business decision by myself and our board, dealing with that building, which has some issues.”

Bockman told the board that Mobilemedic is still in the Village of Liberty, operating out of a North Main Street facility, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Nothing has changed as far as our service is concerned.”

He went on to explain that the company has purchased property inside the town limits in Ferndale next to the UPS building. “That is our headquarters, by the way, and that is our main facility, which we all report to; our medics get their necessary equipment, medications, and we disperse our ambulances from there.

“We have not missed a call; our response times are the same, and we have a backup station in Loch Sheldrake; so we have you covered on both ends,” said Bockman.