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October 25, 2016
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Summer residents’ voter registrations challenged

The voting registrations in Sullivan County of many owners of the seasonal co-ops in Lake Huntington have been challenged.
TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

It’s not clear if the Lake Huntington voters will be judged to fall into that category, but Bruce Ferguson, the driving force behind the vote-where-it-counts effort in western Sullivan County, which this year has attracted a significant number of second-home owners, said he believes the registrants would qualify to be local voters.

That decision, at least initially, is up to the BOE commissioners. There are two such commissioners representing both major political parties. Commissioner Ann Prusinski was elected by the county Democratic Party, and commissioner Rodney Gaebel was elected by the county Republican Party.

When a voter’s registration is challenged, if one commissioner supports the challenge and the other commissioner does not, the challenge does not stand, and the challenger has the option to appeal the decision in court.

If both commissioners support the challenge, it is upheld, and the registered voter has the option of appeal.

Members of Lake Huntington Summer Community could not be reached for comment.