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Reaction to Corbett’s plan

September 18, 2013

HARRISBURG, PA — State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams, a Democrat, offered his reaction to Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent announcement concerning Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

Hardy said, “While it is heartening that the governor appears to be taking steps toward ensuring that our most vulnerable neighbors will have some level of health care, it remains discouraging that it took this long. Moreover, it’s disdainful that he and his administration still feel the need to institute needless barriers in the process. It remains to be seen whether the federal government will approve of these ideas, or if they’re even cost-neutral.”

On the other side of the aisle, Republican representative Daryl Metcalf said what Corbett was trying to do is to “propose Medicaid expansion, proposed a welfare state expansion, and try and sell it to the voters under a different name… When you propose taking tax dollars from the federal government and adding people to the welfare rolls, in Pennsylvania, whether it’s insurance that’s being provided by government or insurance that’s being provided by the private sector, it’s still being paid for with tax dollars.”