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December 03, 2016
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First annual clean-up day in Lake Wallenpaupack

By Fritz Mayer
September 18, 2013

It was a bit chilly on the water on September 14, but that didn’t stop the scuba divers who turned out to fish debris out of the lake. Ten members from the dive teams from the Tafton Fire Company, the Ledgedale Volunteer Fire Company and the Forest Volunteer Fire Department collected debris from the bottom of Lake Wallenpaupack for about three hours on September 14, in what was billed as the first annual Scuba Diver Cleanup Day on Lake Wallenpaupack.

The event was organized by the Lake Waullenpaupack Watershed Management District, and executive director Nick Spinelli said, “The Watershed Management District is hosting the event so that we can get the lake cleaned up a little bit and maintain water quality. And also it’s an opportunity to get the divers together in a low-stress situation, which is kind of fun, because we don’t normally get to do that. Usually when we get to see each other it’s on (an emergency) call or after a call.”

The divers collected a lot of cans and bottles, the majority of which had been filled with beer at one point. Asked if any cars had been seen at the bottom of the lake, Spinelli said divers had seen cars in the past but none were spotted on this day. He also said there are a number of boats from days gone by at the bottom of the lake.

He added, “There’s a rumor—we don’t’ know if it’s true or not, we’ve looked for it for days with our sonar—that there is a Model T down there, that they were out harvesting ice, and it went down.” Perhaps they’ll find it at the second annual Scuba Diver Cleanup Day on Lake Wallenpaupack.