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December 03, 2016
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‘Fall victim’ call more than expected

After reading Ann Steimle’s grueling account of a fisherman’s rescue, Lumberland Supervisor Nadia Rajsz, right, honored Steimle and also replaced the pair of socks that the active emergency medical services worker and fire department president reported ruined during the afternoon-long effort.
TRR photo by David Hulse

Eventually their mutual aid arrived, with life jackets and other extrication equipment they needed. Don “Bosco” Hunt swung down in front of the injured man to lock the victim between him and Steimle.

After about two hours, the technical team arrived and the rescue moved back up the steep incline, using mountain climbing gear to move the victim in a Stokes basket up and over the two ravines, to a four-wheeler waiting on a newly brushed out trail.

“Paramedics arrived, Tom [the fisherman] was further stabilized, and given his advanced age and history, we decided to fly him to a trauma center,” Steimle wrote.

“As we came out of the woods, the scope of the event really made me look twice. The event was huge! And required lots of man (and woman) power. It needed many of our mutual aid companies to handle traffic, response vehicles and keep you all safe while we all were helping Tom.”

“I am grateful for my comrades. And so very awed by the skills and mutual aid that we have just a phone call away,” she wrote.

Steimle concluded her report with a postscript. “P.S. I ruined my socks; think I should put in for a new pair? :)”

Concluding her reading, Rajsz called Steimle to the front of the room and, as the audience applauded, presented her with two new pairs of socks.