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December 05, 2016
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Sullivan strategic plan

Benson reiterated his goal of an industrial park at the airport.

Vetter said, “That’s a short term goal… we need to establish our mission, to make use of natural resources of a beautiful county while allowing for economic growth. You need to have a mission statement.”

Gieger referred to her notes about strategic plans and said, “In step five you’re developing goals, but there are four steps prior to that.” Those steps involved gathering and analyzing information and determining critical issues and challenges. She said following the process would “make it easier for us to get through these meetings without getting too frustrated.”

Samuelson said, “I think a facilitator at this point would be a really big help.”

Benson said he would check with various organizations to see who might be available, but he also asked, “Why do we always need to bring somebody from the outside in to tell us how to run our county?”

Samuelson said, “I would vote to say let’s give it a shot and let Jill (Weyer) put a program together for the next strategic plan meeting, with a white board or flip pad, and start putting all the information down and try to get to a resolution.”

The next meeting of the subcommittee is on September 17. A video of the meeting can be viewed at