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October 28, 2016
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No axes to grind in Honesdale

In other news, as Monaghan announced that Rick Southerton had been nominated by the council for chief of police, Brennan read aloud a rebuttal to the September 5 Wayne Independent editorial critical of the council’s selection process. The editorial questioned the thoroughness of the nine candidate interviews conducted by the council at its August 28 meeting. Each interview lasted 15 minutes only. It also questioned the order of the process, noting that civil service appointment nominees usually come from the Civil Service Commission to the council, and not the other way around.

Southerton has yet to be appointed. He must first appear before the Civil Service Commission on September 20. If the commission is satisfied that Southerton meets all eligibility requirements for the position, he will again meet with the council, this time to negotiate job parameters. Specifically, it will determine whether the position will be that of a working chief (police officer responding to calls) or one of administrative duties only. Based on the result of those negotiations, Southerton may choose to accept or decline the position.