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August 30, 2016
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Primary vote September 10

Town of Bethel supervisor, vote for one
Daniel Sturm (DEM)
Judith Maidenbaum
Town of Bethel, council, Democrat, vote for two
Timothy Colaianni(DEM)
Lillian M Hendrickson (DEM)
Dawn Ryder (DEM)
Town of Bethel highway superintendent, vote for one
William Crumley (DEM)
Ira Moose Liff (DEM)
Ronald K Weiss (REP)
James P Crowley Jr. (REP)
Town of Fremont, council, vote for two
Doris M Sharp (REP)
Paul Brustman (REP)
Louis J Milucky (REP)
Town of Liberty, justice, vote for one
John Lennon Jr. (CON) (IND)
Harold Bauman (CON) (IND)
Town of Lumberland, council, vote for two
Jenny Mellan (REP)
David Leamon (REP)
James Akt (REP)
Town of Mamakating, supervisor, vote for one
Harold K Baird (REP)
John Moul (REP)
Town of Mamakating, justice, vote for one
Marcelle Matthews (DEM)
Cynthia Dolan (DEM)
Town of Mamakating Republican committee seats, vote for two
John J Lavelle Jr. (REP)
Richard D Johnson Jr. (REP)
Morris C Smith (REP)
John Moul (REP)
Town of Neversink, justice, vote for one
Mary Grace Conneely (CON) (IND)
Brian T Edwards (CON) (IND
Town of Thomspon supervisor, vote for one
Gerald R Fielding (REP)
Ramon M Cedeira (REP)
Town of Thompson, council, vote for two
Richard Sush (DEM)
Victor Marinello (DEM)
John A Pavese (DEM)
Town of Thompson, justice, vote for one
Sharon L Jankiewicz (CON) (IND)
Martin S Miller (CON) (IND)
Town of Tusten, justice, vote for two
Thomas H Nuttycombe (DEM) (REP) (IND)
Charles W Hoffman (DEM) (REP) (IND)
Carmine F Rufrano (DEM) (IND)
David M Casey (REP) (IND)
Town of Tusten, council, vote for two
Jane Luchsinger (DEM)
Eileen Falk (DEM)
Andrea Reynosa (DEM)
Town of Tusten, highway superintendent, vote for one
Lewis Meckle III (REP)
Glenn A Swendsen (REP)
Town of Tusten Democrats, committee seats, vote for two
Norman J Meyer (DEM)
Thomas J Prendergast (DEM)
Francis Cape (DEM)
Eileen Falk (DEM)