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December 03, 2016
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Town of Delaware adopts zoning changes

A town board may ignore the advice of the county planning department with the vote of a supermajority, and in this case the five-member board voted unanimously to ignore the suggestions of the county.

At the town meeting, supervisor Ed Sykes read the resolution adopting the zoning, which said in part, “the town board hereby determines to override the recommendations made by the Sullivan County Division of Planning, for the reasons that... the town board does not agree with the first and second recommendations and finds that there is sufficient clarity and consistency in the amendments so as to insure compliance with the Upper Delaware River Management Plan.” He also said that the amendments were developed with input from the Upper Delaware Council and the National Park Service.

This is at least the second time in recent months that a town board has chosen to override the county planning department regarding a 239 review. In February, the town of Callicoon was considering the adoption of its comprehensive plan, which included language that many residents said invited gas drilling into the town. Weyer suggested modifications to the language specifically regarding gas drilling, and the board voted unanimously not to accept those suggestions.

[Editor’s note: A letter to the editor on this subject can be found here.]