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December 05, 2016
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PA Senators flip-flop on Medicaid expansion; House pulls the plug on health insurance for 500,000

Governor Tom Corbett
Contributed photo

Corbett got his way on the question of expanded Medicaid, but on other issues he was not so successful. He hoped to have legislation in place by the end of June that would have privatized the spirits industry in the state, doing away with the decades-old state store system. But the House and the Senate proposed different versions of the legislation. The House would have the state stores completely eliminated, while the Senate would have the state stores remain and compete with private stores. Supporters of privatization say they will take up the matter again in the fall when lawmakers return from their summer break.

Another important agenda item for Corbett was a transportation bill to help pay to repair the state’s crumbling infrastructure, but that too failed to materialize. The suggested way of raising the necessary revenue is to lift the cap on the tax on the wholesale price of gas, and many members of the Republican-controlled legislature are opposed to that sort of tax increase.