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December 11, 2016
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Delaware River Sojourn sets a record

Aiden Drusedum is being helped out by National Park Service interpretive staff members to return to an upright position in his kayak while learning how to roll.
TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

By Fritz Mayer

June 26, 2013

UPPER DELAWARE VALLEY — On June 24, which was day three of the 19th annual Delaware River Sojourn, after a day full of paddling on the river, Aiden Drusedum took the opportunity to broaden his skill set. Surrounded by four members of the National Park Service interpretive staff, Drusedum several times leaned his body over the side, upended his kayak and was turned upside down with his head underwater.

When he did not come up on the other side right away, his companions righted his kayak, and he prepared for the exercise again. On the final attempt, he managed the right balance of muscle and paddle and circled around, down and back up without the aide of his companions. Witnesses on the shore shouted their approval.

Drusedum has been taking part in the Sojourn for five years, and this is his first year as a member of the National Canoe Safety Patrol.

His training was one of the many events that happens at the Delaware River Sojourn that has hundreds of paddlers coming back year after year, and also attracting new ones.

Deejay Branch, a member of the Delaware River Sojourn Committee, said the event set a record this year. He said, “We topped out with 111 people on our second day, we had 87 on our first and 97 today.” With great weather he said, “we have had an amazing time so far.”