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May 04, 2016
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Fire and water in Honesdale

Immediately before council went into executive session, deputy fire chief Brian Dulay questioned the council about the disposition of the draft Knox Box ordinance. When informed by councilman Harry DeVrieze that it was in limbo because Main Street merchants’ reaction to the draft ordinance had been overwhelmingly negative, Dulay asserted that, by placing political expediency above the best interests of public safety, the council was failing its constituents. DeVrieze countered that, in democratic government, the will of the people is paramount.

A resolution to the stand-off seemed viable when Dulay informed the council that the wording of the draft ordinance had been vague and inadequate for the purposes of Honesdale fire safety. He proposed that fire officials work with the council and borough officials to revise the draft ordinance to more accurately reflect borough needs.