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December 06, 2016
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Congressman visits BOCES

Congressman Chris Gibson, right, has the student’s attention as he describes a conversation with President Barack Obama.
TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

Gibson said, “It is four and a half pages. It’s one of the most accessible, simple, most common sense pieces of legislation that I’ve read since I’ve been down there. It says basically two things. One is that if you’re a company that’s going to participate in hydraulic fracturing, that you’re going to disclose your chemicals, that’s a base-line requirement, I would think.

“And the second thing is that you’re going to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. And I say it is common sense because if you talk to anyone on the street, they would expect that would already be the case, but it’s not.”

He said, “I think it is needed legislation to provide a floor or baseline,” but the states could go beyond that if they desired, based on their own situations.

He added, “Regardless of whether you think we should be executing hydraulic fracturing or not, one thing that everybody agrees on is if it’s going to be done, it’s going to be done safely.”