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December 10, 2016
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A road by any other name

She said more research was needed before a decision is reached on the matter, but because there is no record of why the name was changed in 1950, the board should respect the wishes of the people who live on the road.

Sturm said he was concerned about making the change because “911 would have to change, the town maps would have to change.” He also said a search on Google on the double names turns up on a location “in a field where there is no road.”

A member of the community said maybe the Rosenberg name was added because the couple’s son was killed in a car accident near the road. But that happened in 1963, so the two things were likely not connected.

Code enforcement officer B.J. Gettel said, “You have a second Segar Road in the Town of Bethel. According to 911, you can’t have two Segar Roads.”

But name of that road is actually George Segar Rd. Frangipane said, “It’s like we have a Stephenson Rd., and we have a Jim Stephenson Road.”

The issue was tabled until a future date.