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October 23, 2016
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Of playgrounds, ballfields, proms, and ‘drag’ races

A representative of the local water company testified to his company’s reluctance to abide by the draft Knox Box Ordinance requirements introduced at last month’s meeting, asserting that the safety of public drinking water far outweighed any benefits that might accrue from reduced fire risk. The council conceded that his concern was a legitimate one and agreed that the draft ordinance be revised to permit some exemptions. To allay general fears about the security of the lockboxes themselves and in response to a question about multiple building entrances, the fire chief produced a small lockbox and demonstrated its use. It looked like a miniature safe and could hold up to 16 keys, making it unnecessary for any building to contain more than one lockbox.

Discussion about renaming the field used by Honesdale Little Leaguers (to satisfy insurance policy requirements) ended with the decision to assign it a generic name. Honesdale Little League Baseball Complex was suggested.

The mayor announced that Wayne Highland’s May 4th prom-goers are encouraged to assemble beforehand for photos and refreshments around the fountain in Central Park.