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December 03, 2016
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Sullivan foster care system discussed; $5 million spent on out-of-county care

David Sager, deputy commissioner of the Sullivan County Division of Health and Family Services, gives a presentation about the county’s foster care system.
TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

Parker explained that in going over the contracts, it was discovered that 21 of them had not been utilized in the past three years, and that continuing the contracts led to a lot of administrative work in an office that previously had five employees, but because of cutbacks now has only one employee. He noted that should the need arise, he has the authority to renew any of the contracts if necessary.

Legislator Cindy Gieger said that made “perfect sense.”

Legislator Jonathan Rouis said he is in favor of saving money whenever possible, but in this case it should be done with “an abundance of caution.” He said, “I don’t ever want it to be the position… that we placed somebody, in an effort to save money, in the wrong setting, and didn’t provide” the necessary resources to the department for the proper placement.