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December 04, 2016
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‘FrackNation’ screening in Honesdale

The documentary “FrackNation” is featured at a free screening in Honesdale, PA on April 6.
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From Frank Scheck writing in the Hollywood Reporter in January: “McAleer makes the claim that the vast majority affected are actually in favor of fracking, including numerous testimonials from heartland figures who make such claims that it would ‘maintain the natural beauty of the area.…’

“Whatever the truth of these claims, the film undercuts its convincingness with its hyperbolic approach. Indeed, the climactic montage—detailing the importance of energy to everything ranging from tap water to kidney transplants—makes ‘Reefer Madness’ seem subtle.”

From Mark P. Mills writing in the National Review Online in January: “McAleer’s gentle manner and Irish brogue are well-suited to this often emotionally charged issue. Still, at one point, McAleer is threatened with potential violence by a woman who has claimed her well water was contaminated by fracking but refuses to share with McAleer the Environmental Protection Agency test that showed otherwise…

“The issue for McAleer is not just the unreasonable alarmism on display, but its effect on the people who are denied the game-changing economic benefits whereverfracking is blocked.

“Of course there are local environmental considerations with oil and gas that warrant caution, as with many industries. But the issues—from road wear-and-tear, to noise and surface management of fuel and waste —are not unique to fracking.”