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December 06, 2016
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Haystock walks the talk

Michael Lang spoke at Haystock, a benefit for Farmhearts. “We all want to eat good food and there’s no reason to ship it a thousand miles,” he said. “It’s right here. Look around. We’re in paradise.”

“For every dollar that is generated in sales on a farm, that dollar cycles back through the community up to 2.5 times and adds value to our properties and homes by maintaining the rural character of our communities. We need to create a financing mechanism that we all participate in by investing money into viable long-term sustainable farming that earns a reasonable return while at the same time provides great food and increases our food security.”

Farmhearts board member Jill Weiner noted that the organization sprang from a sincere desire to help. “We’re not experts, but we trying to help by funding scholarships, fellowships and our adopt-a-calf program which connects city kids with one source of their food. We’ve done some advocacy and we’re working to identify other ways to support family farms in the Catskills.”

“We’re trying to make sure our local farmers are the backbone of our communities,” added Lang, “to survive and to thrive and to provide us all with the kind of food we hope to be able to eat into the future as the planet grows.”

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