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December 08, 2016
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2013 election results

Town Council
Brenda J Giraldi, Dem, Rur, 1407
Matt Taylor, Dem, Rur 1711
Michael W Robbins, Rep, Con 970
Regina Saunders, Rep, Con, Ind 941

Highway Superintendent
Riley Buddy Platt, Dem, Rur 1879
Vincent P Lamendola, Rep, Con, Ind 935

Town of Rockland
Edwin E Edwards, Dem 515
Robert W Eggleton, Dem, 503
Charles A Irace Jr., Rep 422

Town of Thompson
William Rieber Jr., Dem, Con 1524
Ramon M Cedeira, Rep, Thu 1134
Gerald R Fielding, Ind 424

Town Justice
Martin S Miller, Dem, Ind 1739
Sharon L Jankiewicz, Rep, Con 1258

Town Council
Richard Sush, Dem, Con, Ind 1685
John Pavese Dem, New 1677
Michael P Croissant, Rep, Ind 773
Jay S Rubin, Rep, Con 1254

Town of Tusten
Bernard Lohmann, Dem, Con 200
Carol Ropke Wingert, Rep, Ind, Rur 278

Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Nicole A Peters, Dem 307
Debra C Wasylyk, Rep, Con 150

Town Justice
Carmine F Rufrano, Dem 204
Thomas H Nuttycombe, Dem, Rep, Con, Rur, Ind 411
David M Casey, Rep, Ind, Rur 214
Charles W Hoffman, Con 83

Town Council
Jane Luchsinger, Dem, 249
Andrea Reynosa Dem, Ind, Rur 205
Edward Ned Lang, Rep, Con 247
Richard Pierce, Rep 184

Highway Superintendent
Glenn A Swendsen, Rep, Rur 409
Lewis F Meckle III, Con, 55

NY Statewide Propositions

Proposition One
To allow casinos
yes 1,384,370 no 1,040,473

Proposition Two
To grant veterans civil service credits
yes 1,905,611 no 370,034

Proposition Three
Regarding sewers and debt
yes 1,313,439 no 795,432

Proposition Four
To settle land dispute in Hamilton County
yes 1,524,734 no 577,963

Proposition Five
Regarding land swap in Adirondacks
yes 1,113,082 no 987,588

Proposition Six
To increase retirement age for judges
yes 879,482 no 1,339,290

PA Statewide
Superior Court Judge
Vic Stabile, Rep 826,985
Jack McVay, Jr., Dem 774,141

Pike County
Lackawaxen Twp.
Mike Mancino, Rep, Dem 459
Brian Stuart, (write-in) n/a

Wayne County
Berlin Twp.
Steven Propst, Rep 88
Charlie Gries, Jr. Dem 108

Tax Collector
Linda Kelly, Rep 103
Brandy Freiermuth, Dem 88