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December 10, 2016
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Kick-off for art in Liberty

Louie Petraglia, co-owner of Floyd & Bobo’s Bakery in Liberty, NY, left, and sculptor Zac Shavrick discussing the artist’s work called Ed.

By Fritz Mayer
September 16, 2013

Zac Shavrick, a 26-year-old sculptor and one of Liberty’s favorite sons, became the first artist in the area to have one of his works displayed on a corner of the lawn of the Town of Liberty Town Hall.

Schavrick joined about 50 residents, including town supervisor Charlie Barbuti, for an unveiling of the larger-than-life sculpture called Ed on September 15 next to Floyd & Bobo’s Bakery and Snack Place on Main Street. The atmosphere was festive as Schavrick pulled a moving blanket from Ed’s large head as the crowd shouted their appreciation. With help from Floyd & Bobo’s con-owner, Louie Petraglia, Shavrick then doused the metal giant with Champagne.

The head of the sculpture contains many items such as an ax, a blade from a circular saw and much more. In a brief question and answer session, Patraglia asked where all the metal and items came from.

Shavrick said there was a lot of welding involved and much of the metal came from Brakewell Steel, a fabricator in Chester. “And the scrap around the top, I had a bunch of friends come and give me whatever they had lying around: a bicycle, there used to be an old gas pump in his ear, there’s a shovel, whatever was lying around... just having fun with it. The whole idea is of it is when you reach that limit, and you’re just ready to burst...”

The crowd broke in with a knowing laugh at that moment.

“... and that’s sort of the moment captured in Ed. Maybe it’s beyond that.”

Ed is the first of what the organizers hope will be a series of art displays at that corner in the Village of Liberty. Go to for more information.