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December 03, 2016
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Bonacic: Seneca settlement key to resolving gaming

Senator John Bonacic

“I am hopeful the Governor can consider authorizing five casinos upstate now. I fear if he does not, it will leave it too open ended, allowing casino nay-sayers and those who play to NIMBYism more fodder to oppose the referendum,” Bonacic said.

“If the referendum fails, generations of support for gaming in the Catskills will be dashed for no other reason, perhaps, than a failure to offer the best, most transparent plan, that provides the maximum information to voters. It is the Governor’s call. I understand that.

I am hoping he can accomplish what no other Governor has. I am hopeful he can see his way to allow five casinos upstate. I am respectfully asking his consideration of the same,” Bonacic concluded.