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December 10, 2016
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‘Gasland Part II’ screens to hundreds in Callicoon

One movie-goer brought a jug of water from Dimock, PA

Another aspect that Fox focuses on in “Gasland Part II” is the public relations side of the gas industry. Since “Gasland” first came out, there have been many ads from gas companies about natural gas, and even children’s books featuring the dinosaur “Friendly Fracosaurus.” Fox compares the PR campaigns to the cigarette industry, making the conclusion that just like there’s no safe cigarette, there is no safe fracking.

Other highlights of the film are clips of Stephen Colbert interviewing Tom Ridge, former Pennsylvania governor and gas industry lobbyist (www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRzYC-1Ifng). In the clip, Colbert lists some chemicals used in the fracking process and then says, “How many of those can I feed my toddler?”

Fox also interviews Tony Ingraffea, a professor at Cornell University, who explains that the pipes used to carry natural gas are surrounded by a layer of cement, and that many times the cement either cracks or breaks, allowing gas to leak out. This is why there have been so many reports of groundwater contamination.

As with “Gasland,” in part two Fox ends with shots of the streams and trees around his house and the Delaware River, bringing it back to a moment of peace after the whirlwind of technical information and personal stories seen throughout the documentary. After all the scenes of people leaving their homes in Texas and Dimock and more, Fox says, we cannot leave. This is our home.

Once the film finished, a panel of local experts gathered at the front of the theatre and answered questions. They took a photo of everyone in the crowd raising peace signs in the air, which is for a Twitter campaign with the tag “Not from Gasland” (www.twitter.com/gaslandmovie/status/343448927569330177/photo/1). “Gasland Part II” was shown as part of a grassroots tour, going on now and throughout June; the film will debut on HBO on July 8. For more information, visit www.gaslandthemovie.com.