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May 31, 2016
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Looking back on NY 2012

Residents of the Town of Highland applaud a gas drilling ban.

Dubrovsky claimed the public did not have the right to cross The Chapin Estate development to get to the access, but Alliance Energy, the company that owned the reservoir, and a federal judge said they did. The judge granted Alliance “a non-exclusive perpetual easement and right of way” to allow the public to get to the reservoir.

Among climate and weather-related stories, Hurricane Sandy was the most unforgettable, plunging many residents and businesses in the area into darkness for five days or more. It caused such severe damage that the people in New York City and New Jersey are still recovering. Because there was so much debris in New York Harbor, boats that transport gasoline were grounded for a time, and gas stations ran dry. It caused a gas panic that reached up into Sullivan County, where county manager David Fanslau briefly banned the filling of tanks larger than five gallons because profiteers were filling huge tanks with gas for resale in the city.