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October 25, 2016
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Lackawaxen launch site argued again; battle is over nonconforming use

The conditions addressed several concerns brought up by residents, including expansion, excessive drinking, road use and canoe storage. Jones says the towns regulations are unfeasible. “You can’t strip search people,” he said, “it’s against the law,” contending a “no alcohol” policy is impossible to enforce. His trucks he said are legal, and his drivers licensed.

Jones boasted of a perfect driving record for his company: there were no accidents and no tickets from launching there. He insisted he has no interest in expanding into non-boating activities. The ability to store boats on his property, he said, enables him to transport the watercraft in off-peak times, reducing traffic when all other paddlers are moving their boats. If only KC boats were allowed to launch from the site, which is one condition, Jones said the public, which he says is challenged to find a safe and legal area to launch, would be punished. “There are a lot of people that want to launch there. And some of the people are Lackawaxen residents.

These people have used this launch for years and years.”
Jones said, using National Park Service guidelines, he educates boaters on safety issues and on respecting private property and the dangers and legal ramifications of over-imbibing on the river.

Waldron made it clear the town is not backing down. “I’m recommending that we treat the property as being in violation.”