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December 07, 2016
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Tax breaks sought for compressor station

Millennium Pipeline is asking for $3.6 million in tax abatements for these buildings, which will house a proposed $40 million compressor station on Hungry Hill Road in the Town of Hancock, NY.

Several speakers said that Millennium is a wealthy company that can afford to pay full taxes and the incentives amount to “corporate welfare.” Resident Peter Gotthardt said incentives should be used for struggling start-ups, not to make wealthy companies even wealthier.

There was some discussion of whether Millennium would build the compressor station without the incentives, but Armiak did not comment on the matter.

Before the pipeline was expanded in 2008, Millennium went to all eight counties through which the pipeline runs, including Sullivan and Delaware, and asked for tax exemptions. Tioga County was the only county to say no to the tax breaks. The pipeline was expanded there anyway, and the county, as well as towns and school districts, were able to collect full taxes from the company.