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December 10, 2016
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County legislature picks Visitors Association

It was unclear if SCTP had won the contract the organization would have kept the program that creates such things as the antiques trail map and the yearly literature exchange many of the tourism businesses in the county. When discussing the future of tourism, Altman said the second-homeowner market and agri-tourism were important, and he added that the second vote of the legislature regarding the legalization of gambling in the state was also important because that could lead to casinos coming to the county.

Before the vote, Benson said he could not support SCVA because “I still haven’t gotten answers to all my questions, and I don’t think we should be dictated to by 25 or 30 people as to how we should run our tourism or as to how we should run anything.”

Lawmaker Kathy LaBuda said she thought the request for proposal process was a good one, and that contracts with all of the outside agencies would be scrutinized because of the economic conditions in county, in which a double-digit tax increase is likely coming.

Scott Samuelson, the chair of the legislature, said that he still had concerns with SCVA, but that after seeing presentations from both organizations, SCVA was the better choice for the county.