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December 11, 2016
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Sullivan roads, warming stations, dry ice

Town Roads
1. Fallsburg
a. Lake House Rd
b. Rosemond Rd
c. Crescent St
d. Porter Rd
e. Dennison Hill Rd
f. Old Glen Wild Rd
g. Rose Rd
h. Wildwood Dr
i. Lincoln Rd
j. Highland Rd
k. Old State Route 52
l. Hasbrouck Rd
m. Beaver Lane
n. Dryer Rd
o. Lippman Rd

2. V/Monticello
a. Starr Ave / Fraser Ave

3. T/Thompson
a. Bowers Rd
b. School House Rd
c. Camp Rd
d. Fireman's Camp Rd
e. Wurtsboro Mountain Rd

4. T/Neversink
a. Benton Hollow Rd (Road passable -wires in roadway) b. Mutton Hill Rd (Road passable - wires in roadway) c. Main Rd in Willowemoc (Road passable - wires in roadway) d. Hall Rd (Denning)

5. T/Callicoon
a. Poley Rd
b. Huber Rd
c. J.Young Rd
d. Stump Pond Rd

6. T/Liberty
a. Cold Spring Rd
b. Tanzman Rd
c. Upper Ferndale Rd
d. Lenape Lake Rd
e. Huschkie Rd
f. East Mongaup Rd
g. Shore Rd
h. Anderson Rd
i. Lilly Pond Rd
j. Loomis Rd

7. T/Bethel
a. Kortright Rd
b. AP Fulton Rd
c. Butrick Rd
d. Fulton Rd
e. Lee Cole Rd
f. Cohen & Cohen Rd
g. Soule Rd
h. Old Tacy Rd
i. White Lake Home (Wullen, West Shore Dr, Hart Lane) j. West Shore Rd k. Hurd Rd l. Burr Rd m. Mueller Rd n. Hubert Rd o. Stephenson Rd p. Pucky Huddle Rd q. Whitmore Rd r. West Tusten (from Gabrial to Hemlock) s. VanKuren (from S Eldridge to Orange) t. Orange Ave (from Huntington to Markley) u. Huntington (from Cliff to Orange to Circle Place) v. Pine Grove Ext.
w. South Pocohontas Trl
x. Beaver Trl (from Sgt Brucher to Gina Lane) y. Pocono Trl z. Douglas Terrace aa. Pine Grove (from Bradley to W Mongaup Rd) bb. Pierce (from Pine Grove to Mitchell) cc. Cumberland (from Cascade to Bear Trl) dd. East Catskill (from Cascade to Woodland way) ee. Central (from Lake St to Maple) ff. Lake Shore (from Maple to Central) gg. Hartwood Rd hh. West Starlight ii. Hurd & Parks (from Rt 55 to John Bishop)

8. T/Forestburgh
a. North Rd
b. McCormick Rd
c. French Clearing Rd
d. Dill Rd
e. Plank Rd
f. Fair Rd
g. Hartwood Club Rd
h. Cross St
i. Rod & Gun Club Rd

Public works and utilities crews are working together and diligently to get power restored. Power outages continue to be expected to be prolonged and last for several days. Regular updates will be provided throughout the day."