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October 23, 2016
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Town of Lumberland Town Board candidates talk

3. Encouraging job creation. A key to getting businesses to come to Lumberland is lowering the costs and red-tape hassles of doing business here. Under the recently enacted zoning law, you can be thrown in jail for parking a vehicle at your house that has business lettering on it. That doesn’t exactly encourage folks to set up shop here.

What will you do to address those three issues?

1. I will use my knowledge, skills and experience gained from successfully fixing broken and bankrupt companies for over 10 years to identify cost-savings opportunities, eliminate wasteful spending and negotiate tough but fair contracts with town vendors and other parties, all towards ensuring that the town maximizes the value it obtains for every tax dollar it spends.

2. I will work with the chief constable to have our constables regularly conduct patrols and increase their physical presence within the town. I will reach out to the sheriff’s office and state troopers in an effort to get them to be present more often in town. I will also focus on pursuing federal law enforcement grant programs that provide rural communities with modern equipment and technology.

3. I will work to lower property taxes and fix provisions of the zoning code that discourage businesses from coming to Lumberland. I would also look into privatizing some jobs currently done by town employees. For example, the town hall and Circle Park custodian services and lawn maintenance services should be put out to bid to private contractors, with a preference given to Lumberland-based contractors.

What is your position on hydraulic fracturing within the town?
It is absolutely vital that we do everything we can to make sure our community and regional water supplies are not polluted through fracking and other heavy industrial use. Although I strongly support the rights of individuals to develop their private property as they see fit, the problem with fracking is that when things go wrong, it affects everyone, not just that property owner. Current fracking technology and practices continue to pose too great a risk to our water supplies to permit it at this time, or in the foreseeable future.

Why have you decided to run for town council and what do you hope to accomplish?