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December 07, 2016
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Minisink compressor fight continues; earth-moving machines in action

Congresswoman Nan Heyworth

According to Tom Collins, another spokesman for Millennium, FERC is reviewing a request for a rehearing on the approval of the compression station. Wording on a FERC document says: "In order to afford additional time for consideration of the matters raised or to be raised, rehearing of the Commission’s order is hereby granted for the limited purpose of further consideration, and timely-filed rehearing requests will not be deemed denied by operation of law."

The residents have complained that the commission is taking too long in making a decision on the matter. Now, with support from Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, residents are hoping FERC will soon come to a decision.

The senators wrote to FERC, “We are confident that you share our desire for timely and appropriate disposition of matters pending before your commission, and would urge the commission to issue a final determination on this matter.”

Two of the five commissioners agreed with StopMCS that the Wagoner Alternative would be a better site for a compressor station. If the FERC decision goes against them, the residents will take the matter to federal court, but they can't make that move until FERC makes a final determination.

Meanwhile, as of November 1, according to Asha Canalos of StopMCS, while many people in the town are without power because of Hurricane Sandy, Millennium has several large generators on site and construction continues.