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October 27, 2016
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Gunther versus Linton in Sullivan

Linton’s website focuses on his desire to bolster the business community in New York State. He writes, “Capitalism is not a dirty word. Capitalism is simply defined as economic freedom. It’s the freedom that allows a person to start a business, take chances, run with new ideas and make a profit. Profit is not a dirty word. Profit allows businesses to grow, create more jobs, stimulate the markets, support their communities more, give to charities more, support education, allow ancillary businesses to start and support them. Capitalism has brought more positive changes to our society in the past 100 years than all of the centuries leading up to this one.”

Gunther’s website focuses on her career in the assembly. It says, “Aileen has successfully fought to lower the local tax burden on working families and improving the local economy. She helped eliminate the marriage penalty and the sales tax on clothing under $110. Additionally, she helped create a child tax credit and fought to cap the sales tax on gasoline. She has authored a law to provide a real property tax credit to help communities attract and retain volunteer firefighters.