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December 08, 2016
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Pike well study sets important baseline

USGS has done additional baseline chemical sampling of 20 Pike County wells during the 2012 summer season, which included analysis for constituents that might be present in brines or related to hydraulic fracturing. “Not the organic chemicals, but the brine chemicals, like the bromides, chlorides, lithium, boron and methane,” said Senior. “We also did nutrient profiles, radon, radioactivity and major ions. Subsequent to that, we’ll be following four wells monthly for a two-year period to see what the temporal fluctuations are.”

The five-year groundwater study has put Pike on its way toward enhanced water conservation, but continued monitoring is in order. “You need about 20 years of data to get a robust characterization of the range of hydraulic conditions,” said Senior.

A resolution to adopt the five-year study report was approved by the PCCD board of directors, along with a resolution to apply for a Scenic Rural Character Preservation (SRCP) grant to continue the study for three more years. The SRCP board has approved the grant application. A county contract and joint funding agreement from USGS are expected to be presented at the PCCD board meeting on October 15.

Visit the following links to USGS websites containing water-level data. See for active groundwater-level monitoring sites in Pennsylva nia. See for active groundwater-level monitoring sites in Pike County.