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October 28, 2016
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Talking about talk in Delaware

During the public comment period, many members of the public expressed outrage that, despite the board’s approval of the fact-finding commission, Sykes and Roeder have endorsed a letter to governor Andrew Cuomo urging him to expedite the permitting of gas drilling in New York State. The letter included the statement, “we have studied the facts and data, we have talked to experts... all of us have had extensive interactions with our constituents,” a line that prompted murmurs of disagreement in the audience.

A number of speakers said that the Roeder resolution contradicted the intent of the commission, and requested that the town rescind that resolution, move back to its previously professed position of neutrality on gas drilling and institute a moratorium until the commission should have finished its deliberations and released its findings.

The meeting adjourned without further action being taken.