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December 06, 2016
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DEC promises gas drilling health study; mixed reaction from environmentalists

Bruce Ferguson of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy said, “It's hard to have confidence in a health study that will be overseen by the Cuomo Administration and the DEC. Governor Cuomo continues to rely on a Division of Mineral Resources Director [Bradley J. Field] who doesn't believe that greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat and the department has produced an environmental impact study that ignores peer-reviewed science and cites outdated and false information downloaded from gas company websites.
“If the Cuomo DEC is unwilling to protect our environment, why should we trust them to protect our health? New Yorkers need, and deserve, an independent health impact analysis.”

On the other side of the issue, the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JCLNY,) which represents 77,000 pro-drilling landowners, applauded the DEC move and labeled the call for an independent review a “delaying tactic.”

Dan Fitzsimmons, president of the JLCNY, said, “This position renews our faith that the long stated intentions of the Governor to lead based on the facts will prevail even while biased groups recycle myths and distortions about natural gas development. The State has the expertise to properly regulate this industry. These outright hostile attacks by special interest groups must be refused and the final guidelines issued, demonstrating that New York is open for business.”

JLCNY represents 77,000 pro drilling landowners?

Dear Fritz Mayer,

I was wondering if you, or anyone, has independently verified that number, or, are you simply repeating a "membership" figure stated by JLCNY? Then, I ask, is "membership" the equivalence to "being represented" by JLCNY.

I personally know many people who are "members" of NWPOA, but are not "represented" by NWPOA, that is, these people paid the original $25 or so "dues", but have not leased, nor do they wish to.

I also know members who felt coerced into leasing, who only own several acres, but were surrounded by want to be lessors of large properties,so they hoped to be better protected by joining NWPOA in the lease agreement. They oppose shale gas extraction, however, and truly want no part of this potential industrialization of their surroundings.

They are not 'represented' by NWPOA's lobbying efforts.

Please let me know. Thank you.

James Barth

Joint Landowners Coalition of New York

Dear James:

I don't know if the 77,000 figure for members is correct; I have not verified it. It's the figure they repeatedly use in their releases and emails.

On their latest press release they said "Our 77,000 NY landowners," which leaves it a bit ambiguous.


JLCNY membership

Dear Fritz,

Thank you for the explanation.

All the Best,