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December 02, 2016
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Opponents to gas line hold another demonstration; emergency meeting cancelled

Based on a letter that Philadelphia based NPS Regional Director Dennis Reidenbach sent to PA Senator Pat Toomey, in response to his letter asking several questions, DeFeis said that it is not clear whether the NPS regional office is opposed to allowing TGP to use its existing ROW through the park. DeFeis claims that Reidenbach is not being truthful when he says that only Congress can allow a new pipeline through the existing line. She also claims that Reidenbach, in his letter to Toomey, says that NPS could not deny TGP use of its property rights without effectuating a constitutional “taking.”

Reidenbach answered this objection by saying that the NPS could impose conditions that are intended to preserve the park, which is NPS’s mandate.

Invitees who did not respond to the invitation from Pike commissioners:
Congressman Tom Marino
Senator Robert Casey
Senator Pat Toomey
Governor Thomas Corbett
Harry Forbes, Governor Corbett’s NE Regional Office
Bradley Melzer, Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Pipeline
Dennis Reidenbach, National Park Service Northeast Regional Director
David Hanobic, Environmental Project Director, FERC
John Donahue, NPS DWGNRA Superintendent
Samuel Reynolds, Chief, Application Section II, USACOE Regulatory Branch