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December 04, 2016
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Community: the heart of health

Health is very much related to spirituality and to identifying your purpose in life, according to Ballentine. “When you find your purpose, your body will thrive and feel good,” he said. “Transformation is following what you know is right for you. Working on your health pushes you to go through the changes in your life that are really transformative. Sometimes illness is part of the path and it often has clues for us about what we need to address.”

Audience members were urged to make changes enabling increased enjoyment of their lives. “People are beginning to discover that it’s not beneath their dignity to live simply, to give up a high-paying job to have time to be with their family, and to be in nature, and to feel what it’s like to be a human being on the earth and sit in the sun or walk in the woods,” he said. “We got assigned to Planet Earth for a while and part of our job is to enjoy its unique features. There are so many wonderful things to rejoice in. When you do that, your immune system picks up in response.”

Applauding the Transition Town movement underway in Honesdale, Ballentine noted that the community has its own health issues as a complex organism formed by individual cells. “It’s kind of an effort to diagnose and treat the community as a whole, to say what do we need to change about the way we’re living that will make the whole thing healthier.”

Ballentine encouraged listeners to follow their calling. “Every person has some unique offering for their community and the world,” he said. “You can’t make that offering unless you allow yourself to be the unique person that you are. We’ve lost a lot of our literacy about community and we need to recover that, or reinvent it, or create a new form of it.”