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December 04, 2016
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Susan Beecher to retire from PCCD; concerns over pipeline impacts discussed

Beecher said she had looked at the reforestation plan for New Jersey. “It’s the same project, the same loop, just a different state,” she said. “There’s a reforestation plan that has TGP not only documenting what trees are there pre-construction that will be impacted by the pipeline, but they also have a suite of native trees and shrubs that will be planted after the project.

“My concern is in those areas in the riparian corridors where they’re taking additional temporary workspace. Sometimes those areas are pretty extensive and I think they should be replanted. They’re doing that in New Jersey; I don’t know why they can’t do it here, particularly in the special protection watersheds.” Beecher cited differences in state requirements and project costs as two possible reasons for this.

Beecher added that she thinks Pennsylvania can use its anti-degradation requirements as a means to mitigate the forest losses in riparian corridors.

“I’ve been encouraging TGP to come up with a revegetation plan. They plant grass, but that’s not mitigating all of the habitat and shade and aquatic resource impacts like planting trees would. I think in order to meet the anti-degradation requirements, they’ve got to show that they’re not changing the physical, biological or chemical character of those stream corridors and removing trees in 100-foot swaths on steep slopes along wild trout streams, I think, is changing the physical, biological and chemical character of the streams.”