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December 03, 2016
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Residents say ‘don’t do it’; spotlight on overriding the tax cap

Not everyone was opposed to the proposed override. Priscilla Basset, co-chair of the Senior Legislative Action Committee, said she supports the vote to override the cap because the legislature needs the “leeway” to be able to act outside the cap if need be. She also said that the legislature should investigate changing from a property tax “to a graduated income tax, which would be a state decision, and would be much fairer to the taxpayers in the county.”

Resident Ken Walter said a tax increase of more than 2% is unavoidable. He was also one of three people who said that, if the state or the country had “Medicare for all,” that would bring a lot of savings to the county. He said, “If we had Medicare for all, the $17 million you spend on healthcare for employees would not be an expense at all.”

The legislature likely will vote on overriding the tax cap next month.