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December 06, 2016
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Does the majority oppose drilling? In Callicoon is there any way to find out?

Legislator Cindy Gieger, however, was one farmer who spoke strongly, as she has in the past, against drilling.

Judging by past experience, it is unlikely that the committee will change the proposed plan to reflect the majority view at the meeting that drilling should be banned, and the invitation for industrial activity to move into the town will likely remain.

The next step in the process is for the committee to present the plan to the town board, which then must hold another public hearing on it within 90 days.

Survey was taken last fall,

...when Bruce Ferguson was soundly defeated by over 20% of the vote at the polls. Ferguson was clearly the anti-gas candidate and Bose the pro-gas, that was the definitive survey, that election said all there is to be said. Stop acting like sore losers and accept your defeat. No matter how many bogus 'surveys' or threats of legal action are foisted upon the council and citizens, the elected officials have made their decision, based on credible science and generally positive experiences with HVHF in over 30 other states, including PA, not lies and fear-mongering. They are reflecting the will of the majority who elected them. Simply because more opponents to gas than pro gas citizens choose to populate town meetings voicing the same concerns and old tired lies won't change that. If those who are opposed to the actions of the town council believe they are truly the majority, why don't they create a petition to recall those on the council who voted for this?