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December 02, 2016
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Court to decide junkyard fate; neighbors sue the town for zoning change

There were several responses to that: one was that two of the owners had indicated that they did not want a junkyard on the site, and another was that the owners in question did nothing to prevent the change of zoning when it was first proposed in 2007.

Now, it’s up to Judge Christopher Cahill to decide where the case will go from here.

According to some, the most important problem with this location is that it would be extremely disturbing to the hundreds of town and village residents who live in very close proximity to the area in question. Noise, dust and traffic will greatly increase, and as a result property values will decrease.

Jeffrey Cohen is one of the four property owners bringing the suit. He said he has a number of concerns with the planned junkyard. The property is very steep, and the project would involve moving large amounts of earth down the mountain that sits beneath the 20 acres he owns, which would detract from the value of his and his neighbor’s property.

Additionally, the creation of several acres of impervious surfaces is likely to result in significant runoff complications.

Cohen’s view is that it would be best for everyone involved to locate the junkyard in the industrial commercial zone south of the village where it would not interfere with residential zoning, and where the community had planned for those sorts of businesses to be located.