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December 03, 2016
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Local Law 3 nears completion in Highland

“We came up with a better product to move forward with,” Boyar said. “I received a lot of emails saying ‘don’t wait, move forward.’ But I want there to be a demonstration that the people spoke and there were certain concerns and the town board was as responsive as it could be.” Boyar thanked the board members for reviewing the approximately 500 comments that were submitted.

Highland Concerned Citizens is urging those who favor Local Law 3 to make their support known to town officials. In an email, they wrote, “Let our elected representatives know that we expect their final vote to reflect what is right for the town as a whole: to protect the health and safety of all residents of the Town of Highland by banning natural gas drilling.”

Comments can still be submitted up until the public hearing on July 9. The proposed law can be seen at townofhighland ny.com/index.php, or at the Sunshine Hall Library, or the town clerk’s office in Eldred. The final vote has not been set, although it could take place at the town meeting on July 10.
“If we’re ready to go and pull the trigger, we’ll do it,” said Boyar.