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December 04, 2016
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Lawmakers feel the squeeze; move to override tax cap

Lawmaker Alan Sorensen said, “It was a good suggestion, but if you can’t control the sample, the information you’re getting may be very biased in one direction or another."

Lawmaker Cindy Gieger said, “I’m all for the public having anther avenue to communicate their concerns, but I think we need more information on how it would work.”

No decision was made regarding the survey.

A driver for veterans

The legislature also approved the hiring of several employees, mostly into positions that had been vacated and were deemed essential. At one point the position of a driver who transports veterans to medical appointments was discussed.

Vetter and lawmaker Cora Edwards asked if the various county transportation programs could be consolidated to save money.
Fanslau said no, because some of the programs involve Medicaid, some involve providing services to children, and some involve veterans and seniors, and each has distinct requirements.

At one point LaBuda became frustrated and said, “Let’s just have a vote, who wants to not transport our veterans?"

Edwards responded, saying, “I’m not saying that, and then asked, “would you calm down just a bit?”

LaBuda responded, “No, because it’s very upsetting; today’s Flag Day, there are people that are counting on this bus.”
The lawmakers ultimately approved the hire.