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December 06, 2016
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Reaction to Hungry Hill compressor station; are other sites more suitable?

Of seven possible sites for the station, ranging from Cochecton in Sullivan County to Deposit in Delaware County, Millennium revealed the following information:
• The Hungry Hill site is the smallest, at 10.8 acres; the next largest in size is one in the Town of Fremont, at 54.1 acres.
• The Hungry Hill site could be built with the shortest driveway, thus saving money for Millennium.
• The Hungry Hill site would come with the greatest wetland impact at 0.04 acres; four of the sites would have no wetland impact.
• The Hungry Hill site would require the crossing of two water bodies; two of the other sites would require crossing one water body each, and the other three would cross no water bodies.
• Hungry Hill is the only site Millennium is proposing for the project; the other sites are considered but “not proposed.” Four of the other sites were rejected, at least in part, because Millennium was “unable to come to an agreement with the owners of the property.”

One site was rejected only because of a lack of agreement with the owners. One of the reasons for rejecting the 81.4-acre site in Cochecton was that the “Indiana bat is known to occur in Sullivan County; therefore, development of this site could impact the Indiana bat or, alternatively, be subject to restrictions on tree clearing, which would impact Millennium’s construction schedule.”

So quick to start with the

So quick to start with the name calling. Argumentum ad hominem is the lowest form of rhetoric, it betrays an inability to recognize the humanity of another opinion. Do you think that those concerned with the environment just do it out of spite? Look into the motives of those who council caution. I think that you will find the their rights are also enshrined in The Constitution just as your corporate and property rights are. It is the careful balancing of rights and responsibilities of citizens and governments that makes our nation function and makes the conversation of civic life interesting.


Of course, the 'part-timer' citidiots at Delaware Lake will have a problem. Too bad we can't get rid of them, nothing ruins this area more than sand-fleas and flat-landers.
And Bruce 'BS' Ferguson weighs in with his usual lies! Keep haunting Callicoon Bruce, you are not welcome in Hancock.