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December 06, 2016
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Legislative steering committee called illegal; Sorensen to stop attending

“The committee structure can also be used to keep legislation from seeing the light of day. If a legislator wants to introduce a piece of legislation that falls under the purview of a certain committee, they need the committee chair's permission to get the resolution on the agenda. If the chair of the committee refuses, the only option is to file a legislator-sponsored resolution by noon on Monday with a request to have it placed on the full board agenda. The latter approach is ineffective and unnecessary if we work together to provide an environment that encourages open discussion of issues. We need to consider other options.

“I am recommending that we regularly schedule two Executive Committee meetings each month where all nine members are involved and can vote right away on issues of concern for these areas, it would be fairer and more efficient.” Currently, there is one Executive Committee meeting each month.

Finally, he recommends that that all meetings be held in the legislative chambers rather than in the cramped meeting room. He wrote, “Too often interested parties find themselves standing outside the room trying to observe the legislative deliberations taking place. This is unfair. We should do our best to provide a seat for everyone and we can do this simply by moving all committee meetings to the legislative chambers.”
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