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December 07, 2016
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New York & Pennsylvania officials react to the State of the Union Address

We face many challenges as the country recovers from the great recession - many of which were highlighted tonight. One thing, however, is clear: we need to keep the focus on jobs. I just spent several weeks back home, talking with Pennsylvanians. Everywhere I went I heard two things: create jobs and work together. We owe it to those we serve to make that our focus as well. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with my colleagues from both chambers and from both sides of the aisle to extend the middle-class tax cuts and continue to strengthen the economy.

I also look forward to more attention on the critical issue of manufacturing. Pennsylvania manufacturers have been hit hard by unfair trade practices by countries like China. The Senate has passed legislation to crack down on China’s currency manipulation. The House must follow suit and the Administration must do more to use its existing powers to level the playing field for U.S. workers.

I hope that we build on the spirit of bipartisanship seen in the Chamber tonight as Democrats and Republicans sat together to create jobs and grow the economy.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
(D-NY)issued the following statement, including a renewed call to make insider trading by members of Congress, their staff and family members clearly and expressly illegal by passing the bipartisan STOCK Act.

Our economy can’t afford another year of governing through brinkmanship that we’ve seen too much of from this Congress. We need to set our politics aside, and find the common core values we can agree on to create jobs and set economic opportunity for the middle class in motion – by giving everyone a fair chance to succeed, rewarding hard work, and investing in ‘Made In America’ again.

We’re not lacking the tools it takes for a thriving economy. We have it all in New York State: the hardest workers you can ask for, bright and innovative minds, world-class universities and research institutions, a thriving high-tech sector to rival Silicon Valley, and manufacturers to power our economy with new sources of clean energy that’s made right here. What we’re lacking is the political will to unleash all of its potential.